UE Pin - $5.00

Wear your heritage on your lapel! Stylish blue and red.

My Eventful Life Stephen Jarvis UE 1756-1840 by Ann Jarvis Boa. - $30.00

SOLD OUT!Memoirs and letters enable us to follow Stephen Jarvis throughout the countless experiences of his long and remarkable life. He draws the reader into the widely scattered scenes of the American Revolution through the States and fleeing with thousands of other loyalists to New Brunswick. Finally, moving to Upper Canada in 1809 to the little town of York (Toronto).

The Families of Merigold's Point by Dorothy L. Martin - $5.00

Merigold's Point was the name given to a small formation of land jutting out into Lake Ontario, west of the Credit River. It was part of the first purchase within the Mississauga Tract in 1805. One of the first settlers arriving was Thomas Merigold, who settled there with several families from New Brunswick.

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